45.4. pg_amop

The catalog pg_amop stores information about operators associated with access method operator families. There is one row for each operator that is a member of an operator family. An operator can appear in more than one family, but cannot appear in more than one position within a family.

Table 45-4. pg_amop Columns

amopfamilyoidpg_opfamily.oidThe operator family this entry is for
amoplefttypeoidpg_type.oidLeft-hand input data type of operator
amoprighttypeoidpg_type.oidRight-hand input data type of operator
amopstrategyint2 Operator strategy number
amopoproidpg_operator.oidOID of the operator
amopmethodoidpg_am.oidIndex access method operator family is for

An entry's amopmethod must match the opfmethod of its containing operator family (including amopmethod here is an intentional denormalization of the catalog structure for performance reasons). Also, amoplefttype and amoprighttype must match the oprleft and oprright fields of the referenced pg_operator entry.