Welcome to Berkeley DB 11g Release 2 (DB). This document describes the C API for DB library version It is intended to describe the DB API, including all classes, methods, and functions. As such, this document is intended for C developers who are actively writing or maintaining applications that make use of DB databases.

Conventions Used in this Book

The following typographical conventions are used within in this manual:

Structure names are represented in monospaced font, as are method names. For example: "DB->open() is a method on a DB handle."

Variable or non-literal text is presented in italics. For example: "Go to your DB_INSTALL directory."

Program examples are displayed in a monospaced font on a shaded background. For example:

/* File: gettingstarted_common.h */
typedef struct stock_dbs {
    DB *inventory_dbp; /* Database containing inventory information */
    DB *vendor_dbp;    /* Database containing vendor information */

    char *db_home_dir;       /* Directory containing the database files */
    char *inventory_db_name; /* Name of the inventory database */
    char *vendor_db_name;    /* Name of the vendor database */


Finally, notes of interest are represented using a note block such as this.