Sets a threshold for the minimum and maximum time that a client waits before requesting retransmission of a missing message.

The syntax of this parameter in the DB_CONFIG file is a single line with the string rep_set_request, one or more whitespace characters, and the request time specified in two parts: the min and the max. Specifically, if the client detects a gap in the sequence of incoming log records or database pages, Berkeley DB will wait for at least min microseconds before requesting retransmission of the missing record. Berkeley DB will double that amount before requesting the same missing record again, and so on, up to a maximum threshold of max microseconds.

By default the minimum is 40000 and the maximum is 1280000 (1.28 seconds). These defaults are fairly arbitrary and the application likely needs to adjust these. The values should be based on expected load and performance characteristics of the master and client host platforms and transport infrastructure as well as round-trip message time.

For more information, see DB_ENV->rep_set_request().