#include <db_cxx.h>

class DbLockNotGrantedException : public DbException {
    db_lockop_t get_op() const;
    db_lockmode_t get_mode() const;
    const Dbt* get_obj() const;
    DbLock *get_lock() const;
    int get_index() const;

This information describes the DbLockNotGrantedException class and how it is used by the various Berkeley DB classes.

A DbLockNotGrantedException is thrown when lock or transaction timeouts have been configured, a database operation has timed out, and the DB_TIME_NOTGRANTED configuration flag has been specified.

Additionally DbLockNotGrantedException is thrown when a Berkeley DB Concurrent Data Store database environment configured for lock timeouts was unable to grant a lock in the allowed time.

Finally, DbLockNotGrantedException is thrown when a lock requested using the DbEnv::lock_get() or DbEnv::lock_vec() methods, where the DB_LOCK_NOWAIT flag or lock timers were configured, could not be granted before the wait-time expired.

The DbException errno value is set to DB_LOCK_NOTGRANTED.

The following getter methods are available on this class: