Sets the maximum size that the set_cachesize parameter is allowed to set. The specified size is rounded to the nearest multiple of the cache region size, which is the initial cache size divided by the number of regions specified to the set_cachesize parameter. If no value is specified, it defaults to the initial cache size.

The syntax of this parameter in the DB_CONFIG file is a single line with the string set_cache_max, one or more whitespace characters, and the maximum cache size in bytes, specified in two parts: the gigabytes of cache and the additional bytes of cache. For example:

set_cache_max 2 524288000

Sets the maximum cache size to 2.5GB.

This parameter can be changed with a simple restart of your application; you do not need to re-create your environment for it to be changed.

For more information, see DbEnv::set_cache_max().