berkdb open

berkdb open
	[-btree | -hash | -recno | -queue | -unknown]
	[-cachesize {gbytes bytes ncache}]
	[-delim delim]
	[-encryptaes passwd]
	[-encryptany passwd]
	[-env env]
	[-errfile filename]
	[-extent size]
	[-ffactor density]
	[-len len]
	[-mode mode]
	[-nelem size]
	[-pad pad]
	[-pagesize pagesize]
	[-source file]
	[-txn txnid]
	[file [database]]  

The berkdb open command opens and optionally creates a database. The returned database handle is bound to a Tcl command of the form dbN, where N is an integer starting at 0 (for example, db0 and db1). It is through this Tcl command that the script accesses the database methods.

The options are as follows:

The berkdb open command returns a database handle on success.

In the case of error, a Tcl error is thrown.