berkdb env

berkdb env
	[-cachesize {gbytes bytes ncache}]
	[-data_dir dirname]
	[-encryptaes passwd]
	[-encryptany passwd]
	[-errfile filename]
	[-home directory]
	[-log_dir dirname]
	[-mode mode]
	[-shm_key shmid]
	[-tmp_dir dirname]
	[-txn [nosync]]
	[-txn_max max]

The berkdb env command opens and optionally creates a database environment. The returned environment handle is bound to a Tcl command of the form envN, where N is an integer starting at 0 (for example, env0 and env1). It is through this Tcl command that the script accesses the environment methods. The command automatically initializes the Shared Memory Buffer Pool subsystem. This subsystem is used whenever the application is using any Berkeley DB access method.

The options are as follows:

The berkdb env command returns an environment handle on success.

In the case of error, a Tcl error is thrown.