Welcome to Berkeley DB (DB) 11g Release 2 (which provides library version This book describes the DB Tcl API, including all classes, methods, and functions. As such, this document is intended for Tcl developers who are actively writing or maintaining applications that make use of DB databases.

Conventions Used in this Book

The following typographical conventions are used within in this manual:

Structure names are represented in monospaced font, as are method names. For example: "berkdb open() is a method on a DB handle."

Variable or non-literal text is presented in italics. For example: "Go to your DB_INSTALL directory."

Program examples are displayed in a monospaced font on a shaded background. For example:

db put
    [-partial {doff dlen}]
    [-txn txnid]

db put
    [-partial {doff dlen}]
    [-txn txnid]
    key data  


Finally, notes of interest are represented using a note block such as this.

For More Information

Beyond this manual, you may also find the following sources of information useful when building a DB application:

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