txn commit

txn commit

The txn commit command ends the transaction.

In the case of nested transactions, if the transaction is a parent transaction with unresolved (neither committed or aborted) child transactions, the child transactions are aborted and the commit of the parent will succeed.

In the case of nested transactions, if the transaction is a child transaction, its locks are not released, but are acquired by its parent. Although the commit of the child transaction will succeed, the actual resolution of the child transaction is postponed until the parent transaction is committed or aborted; that is, if its parent transaction commits, it will be committed, and if its parent transaction aborts, it will be aborted.

If the -nosync option is not specified, a commit log record is written and flushed to disk, as are all previously written log records.

The options are as follows:

After txn commit has been called, regardless of its return, the txn handle may not be accessed again. If txn commit encounters an error, this transaction and all child transactions of this transaction are aborted.

The txn commit command returns 0 on success, and in the case of error, a Tcl error is thrown.