Chapter 5. Administrating Berkeley DB SQL Databases

Table of Contents

Backing Up Berkeley DB SQL Databases
Syncing with Oracle Databases
Syncing on Unix Platforms
Syncing on Windows Platforms
Syncing on Windows Mobile Platforms
Data Migration
Migration Using the Shells

This chapter provides administrative procedures that are unique to the Berkeley DB SQL interface.

Backing Up Berkeley DB SQL Databases

You can use the standard SQLite .dump command to backup the data managed by the BDB SQL interface.

The BDB SQL interface supports the standard SQLite Online Backup API. However, there is a small difference between the two interfaces. In the BDB SQL interface, the value returned by the sqlite3_backup_remaining method and the number of pages passed to the sqlite3_backup_step method, are estimates of the number of pages to be copied and not exact values. To be certain that the backup process is complete, check if the sqlite3_backup_step method has returned SQLITE_DONE. To learn how to use SQLite Online Backup API, see the official SQLite Documentation Page.

If you are using replication, you will also need to copy the file that contains the replication pragma information in order to have a full backup. To do that copy the file named pragma from the database journal directory.