An open database which holds the persistent data for the sequence.

Namespace:  BerkeleyDB
Assembly:  libdb_dotnet52 (in libdb_dotnet52.dll) Version:


public Database BackingDatabase
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public BackingDatabase As Database
Visual C++
Database^ BackingDatabase


The database may be of any type, but must not have been configured to support duplicate data items.

If BackingDatabase was opened in a transaction, calling Get may result in changes to the sequence object; these changes will be automatically committed in a transaction internal to the Berkeley DB library. If the thread of control calling Get has an active transaction, which holds locks on the same database as the one in which the sequence object is stored, it is possible for a thread of control calling Get to self-deadlock because the active transaction's locks conflict with the internal transaction's locks. For this reason, it is often preferable for sequence objects to be stored in their own database.

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