An approximate number of threads in the database environment.

Namespace:  BerkeleyDB
Assembly:  libdb_dotnet52 (in libdb_dotnet52.dll) Version:


public uint ThreadCount { get; set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property ThreadCount As UInteger
Visual C++
property unsigned int ThreadCount {
	unsigned int get ();
	void set (unsigned int value);


ThreadCount must set if FailCheck()()() will be used. ThreadCount does not set the maximum number of threads but is used to determine memory sizing and the thread control block reclamation policy.

If a process has not configured ThreadIsAlive, and then attempts to join a database environment configured for failure checking with FailCheck()()(), SetThreadID, ThreadIsAlive and ThreadCount, the program may be unable to allocate a thread control block and fail to join the environment. This is true of the standalone Berkeley DB utility programs. To avoid problems when using the standalone Berkeley DB utility programs with environments configured for failure checking, incorporate the utility's functionality directly in the application, or call FailCheck()()() before running the utility.

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