The mechanism for reporting detailed error messages to the application.

Namespace:  BerkeleyDB
Assembly:  libdb_dotnet52 (in libdb_dotnet52.dll) Version:


public ErrorFeedbackDelegate ErrorFeedback { get; set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property ErrorFeedback As ErrorFeedbackDelegate
Visual C++
property ErrorFeedbackDelegate^ ErrorFeedback {
	ErrorFeedbackDelegate^ get ();
	void set (ErrorFeedbackDelegate^ value);


When an error occurs in the Berkeley DB library, a DatabaseException, or subclass of DatabaseException, is thrown. In some cases, however, the exception may be insufficient to completely describe the cause of the error, especially during initial application debugging.

In some cases, when an error occurs, Berkeley DB will call the given delegate with additional error information. It is up to the delegate to display the error message in an appropriate manner.

Setting ErrorFeedback to NULL unconfigures the callback interface.

This error-logging enhancement does not slow performance or significantly increase application size, and may be run during normal operation as well as during application debugging.

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