Te size of the underlying logging area of the Berkeley DB environment, in bytes.

Namespace:  BerkeleyDB
Assembly:  libdb_dotnet52 (in libdb_dotnet52.dll) Version:


public uint RegionSize { get; set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property RegionSize As UInteger
Visual C++
property unsigned int RegionSize {
	unsigned int get ();
	void set (unsigned int value);


By default, or if the value is set to 0, the default size is approximately 60KB. The log region is used to store filenames, and so may need to be increased in size if a large number of files will be opened and registered with the specified Berkeley DB environment's log manager.

If the database environment already exists when Open(String, DatabaseEnvironmentConfig) is called, the value of RegionSize will be ignored.

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