Berkeley DB
version 5.2.28

Class MultipleRecnoNIODataEntry

  extended by com.sleepycat.db.DatabaseEntry
      extended by com.sleepycat.db.MultipleEntry
          extended by com.sleepycat.db.MultipleRecnoNIODataEntry

public class MultipleRecnoNIODataEntry
extends MultipleEntry

A DatabaseEntry that holds multiple record number/data pairs returned by a single Database or Cursor get call.

Constructor Summary
          Construct an entry with no data.
MultipleRecnoNIODataEntry(ByteBuffer data)
          Construct an entry with a given java.nio.ByteBuffer.
Method Summary
 boolean next(DatabaseEntry recno, DatabaseEntry data)
          Get the next record number/data pair in the returned set.
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Constructor Detail


public MultipleRecnoNIODataEntry()
Construct an entry with no data. The object must be configured before use with the DatabaseEntry.setDataNIO method.


public MultipleRecnoNIODataEntry(ByteBuffer data)
Construct an entry with a given java.nio.ByteBuffer. The offset is set to zero; the size is set to the length of the java.nio.ByteBuffer.

data - java.nio.ByteBuffer wrapped by the entry.
Method Detail


public boolean next(DatabaseEntry recno,
                    DatabaseEntry data)
Get the next record number/data pair in the returned set. This method may only be called after a successful call to a Database or Cursor get method with this object as the data parameter.

When used with the Queue and Recno access methods, data.getData() will return null for deleted records.

recno - an entry that is set to refer to the next record number in the returned set.

data - an entry that is set to refer to the next data element in the returned set.

indicates whether a value was found. A return of false indicates that the end of the set was reached.

Berkeley DB
version 5.2.28

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