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data loss on sockets16.1 Socket Concepts
databases28. System Databases and Name Service Switch
datagram socket16.10 Datagram Socket Operations
datagrams, transmitting16.10.1 Sending Datagrams
date21.1 Time Basics
Daylight Saving Time21.4.3 Broken-down Time
decimal digit character4.1 Classification of Characters
decimal-point separator7.6.1.1 Generic Numeric Formatting Parameters
declaration (compared to definition)1.3.1 Header Files
declaring variadic functionsA.2.2.4 Calling Variadic Functions
decompose complex numbers20.10 Projections, Conjugates, and Decomposing of Complex Numbers
default action (for a signal)24.1.3 How Signals Are Delivered
default action for a signal24.3.1 Basic Signal Handling
default argument promotionsA.2.2.4 Calling Variadic Functions
default value, and NSS28.2.3 Notes on the NSS Configuration File
defining new printf conversions12.13 Customizing printf
definition (compared to declaration)1.3.1 Header Files
delayed suspend character17.4.9.2 Characters that Cause Signals
deleting a directory14.6 Deleting Files
deleting a file14.6 Deleting Files
delivery of signals24.1.3 How Signals Are Delivered
descriptors and streams13.5 Dangers of Mixing Streams and Descriptors
digit character4.1 Classification of Characters
digit character4.3 Character class determination for wide characters
directories, accessing14.2 Accessing Directories
directories, creating14.8 Creating Directories
directories, deleting14.6 Deleting Files
directory11.2.1 Directories
directory entry11.2.1 Directories
directory hierarchy14.3 Working with Directory Trees
directory stream14.2 Accessing Directories
disadvantages of alloca3.2.5.3 Disadvantages of alloca
DISCARD character17.4.9.4 Other Special Characters
division by zero20.5.1 FP Exceptions
DNS30.1 Host Identification
DNS server unavailable28.2.2 Actions in the NSS configuration
domain (of socket)16.1 Socket Concepts
domain error20.5.4 Error Reporting by Mathematical Functions
domain name30.1 Host Identification
Domain Name System30.1 Host Identification
dot notation, for Internet addresses16.6.2.1 Internet Host Addresses
DSUSP character17.4.9.2 Characters that Cause Signals
duplicating file descriptors13.12 Duplicating Descriptors
dynamic memory allocation3.2.1 Memory Allocation in C Programs
dynamic memory allocation3.2.1.1 Dynamic Memory Allocation

EBCDIC6.1 Introduction to Extended Characters
echo of terminal input17.4.7 Local Modes
effective group ID29.2 The Persona of a Process
effective user ID29.2 The Persona of a Process
efficiency and malloc3.2.2.6 Efficiency Considerations for malloc
efficiency and obstacks3.2.4.7 Extra Fast Growing Objects
efficiency of chunks3.2.4.10 Obstack Chunks
EINTR, and restarting interrupted primitives24.5 Primitives Interrupted by Signals
elapsed time21.1 Time Basics
elapsed time21.2 Elapsed Time
encryption5.10 Trivial Encryption
end of file, on a stream12.15 End-Of-File and Errors
end-of-file, on a file descriptor13.2 Input and Output Primitives
environment25.4 Environment Variables
environment access25.4.1 Environment Access
environment representation25.4.1 Environment Access
environment variable25.4 Environment Variables
environment vectors, null-character separated5.12 Argz and Envz Vectors
envz vectors (environment vectors)5.12 Argz and Envz Vectors
EOF character17.4.9.1 Characters for Input Editing
EOL character17.4.9.1 Characters for Input Editing
EOL2 character17.4.9.1 Characters for Input Editing
epoch21.4.1 Simple Calendar Time
ERASE character17.4.9.1 Characters for Input Editing
errno25.5 System Calls
error codes2. Error Reporting
error messages, in argp25.3.5.2 Functions For Use in Argp Parsers
error reporting2. Error Reporting
errors, mathematical20.5.4 Error Reporting by Mathematical Functions
establishing a handler24.3 Specifying Signal Actions
ethers28.1 NSS Basics
EUC6.1 Introduction to Extended Characters
EUC-JP6.5.4 The iconv Implementation in the GNU C library
exception20.5.1 FP Exceptions
exception24.2.1 Program Error Signals
exclusive lock13.15 File Locks
exec functions26.5 Executing a File
execing a program3.1 Process Memory Concepts
executable3.1 Process Memory Concepts
executing a file26.5 Executing a File
exit status25.6.2 Exit Status
exit status value25.6 Program Termination
exiting a program3.1 Process Memory Concepts
expansion of shell words10.4 Shell-Style Word Expansion
exponent (of floating point number)A.5.3.1 Floating Point Representation Concepts
exponentiation functions19.4 Exponentiation and Logarithms
extending printf12.13 Customizing printf
extracting file descriptor from stream13.4 Descriptors and Streams

fcntl function13.11 Control Operations on Files
FDL, GNU Free Documentation LicenseH. GNU Free Documentation License
feature test macros1.3.4 Feature Test Macros
field splitting10.4.1 The Stages of Word Expansion
FIFO special file15. Pipes and FIFOs
file access permission14.9.6 How Your Access to a File is Decided
file access time14.9.9 File Times
file attribute modification time14.9.9 File Times
file attributes14.9.1 The meaning of the File Attributes
file creation mask14.9.7 Assigning File Permissions
file descriptor flags13.13 File Descriptor Flags
file descriptor sets, for select13.8 Waiting for Input or Output
file descriptors, standard13.4 Descriptors and Streams
file locks13.15 File Locks
file modification time14.9.9 File Times
file name11.2 File Names
file name component11.2.1 Directories
file name errors11.2.3 File Name Errors
file name resolution11.2.2 File Name Resolution
file name translation flags13.14.2 Open-time Flags
file names, multiple14.4 Hard Links
file owner14.9.4 File Owner
file permission bits14.9.5 The Mode Bits for Access Permission
file pointer12.1 Streams
file position11.1.2 File Position
file positioning on a file descriptor13.3 Setting the File Position of a Descriptor
file positioning on a stream12.18 File Positioning
file status flags13.14 File Status Flags
files, accessing3.1 Process Memory Concepts
filtering i/o through subprocess15.2 Pipe to a Subprocess
flag character (printf)12.12.2 Output Conversion Syntax
flag character (scanf)12.14.2 Input Conversion Syntax
flags for sigaction24.3.5 Flags for sigaction
flags, file name translation13.14.2 Open-time Flags
flags, open-time action13.14.2 Open-time Flags
floating point20.3 Floating Point Numbers
floating point, IEEEA.5.3.3 IEEE Floating Point
floating type measurementsA.5.3 Floating Type Macros
floating-point classes20.4 Floating-Point Number Classification Functions
floating-point exception24.2.1 Program Error Signals
flow control, terminal17.6 Line Control Functions
flushing a stream12.20.2 Flushing Buffers
flushing terminal output queue17.6 Line Control Functions
foreground job27.1 Concepts of Job Control
foreground job, launching27.6.4 Foreground and Background
forking a process26.2 Process Creation Concepts
format string, for printf12.12 Formatted Output
format string, for scanf12.14 Formatted Input
formatted input from a stream12.14 Formatted Input
formatted messages12.22 Formatted Messages
formatted output to a stream12.12 Formatted Output
FP arithmetic20.8.5 Setting and modifying single bits of FP values
FQDN30.1 Host Identification
frame, real memory3.1 Process Memory Concepts
free documentationF. Free Software Needs Free Documentation
freeing (obstacks) Freeing Objects in an Obstack
freeing memory3.1 Process Memory Concepts
freeing memory allocated with malloc3.2.2.3 Freeing Memory Allocated with malloc
fully buffered stream12.20.1 Buffering Concepts
function prototypes (variadic)A.2.2.1 Syntax for Variable Arguments

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