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name of running program2.3 Error Messages
name of socket16.3 Socket Addresses
Name Service Switch28. System Databases and Name Service Switch
name space1.3.3 Reserved Names
names of signals24.2 Standard Signals
namespace (of socket)16.1 Socket Concepts
NaN20.5.2 Infinity and NaN
NaN20.8.5 Setting and modifying single bits of FP values
netgroup28.1 NSS Basics
Netgroup29.16.1 Netgroup Data
network byte order16.6.5 Byte Order Conversion
network number16.6.2.1 Internet Host Addresses
network protocol16.1 Socket Concepts
networks28.1 NSS Basics
networks database16.13 Networks Database
NIS30.1 Host Identification
NIS domain name30.1 Host Identification
NIS domain name30.1 Host Identification
NIS domain name30.1 Host Identification
nisplus, and booting28.2.2 Actions in the NSS configuration
nisplus, and completeness28.2.2 Actions in the NSS configuration
NLSPATH environment variable8.1.1 The catgets function family
NLSPATH environment variable25.4.2 Standard Environment Variables
non-blocking open13.14.2 Open-time Flags
non-local exit, from signal handler24.4.3 Nonlocal Control Transfer in Handlers
non-local exits23. Non-Local Exits
noncanonical input processing17.3 Two Styles of Input: Canonical or Not
normalization functions (floating-point)20.8.2 Normalization Functions
normalized floating point numberA.5.3.1 Floating Point Representation Concepts
not a number20.5.2 Infinity and NaN
NSS28. System Databases and Name Service Switch
`nsswitch.conf'28.2 The NSS Configuration File
null character5.1 Representation of Strings
null pointer constantA.3 Null Pointer Constant
null wide character5.1 Representation of Strings
number of arguments passedA.2.2.3 How Many Arguments Were Supplied
number syntax, parsing20.11 Parsing of Numbers
numeric value formatting7.6.1 localeconv: It is portable but …

obstack status3.2.4.8 Status of an Obstack
obstacks3.2.4 Obstacks
open-time action flags13.14.2 Open-time Flags
opening a file11.1 Input/Output Concepts
opening a file descriptor13.1 Opening and Closing Files
opening a pipe15.1 Creating a Pipe
opening a pseudo-terminal pair17.8.2 Opening a Pseudo-Terminal Pair
opening a socket16.8.1 Creating a Socket
opening a socket pair16.8.3 Socket Pairs
opening a stream12.3 Opening Streams
Optimization19.9 Is Fast Code or Small Code preferred?
optimizing NSS28.2.3 Notes on the NSS Configuration File
option parsing with argp25.3 Parsing Program Options with Argp
optional argumentsA.2 Variadic Functions
optional POSIX features31.2 Overall System Options
orientation, stream12.3 Opening Streams
orientation, stream12.6 Streams in Internationalized Applications
orphaned process group27.5 Orphaned Process Groups
out-of-band data16.9.8 Out-of-Band Data
output conversions, for printf12.12.3 Table of Output Conversions
output possible signal24.2.4 Asynchronous I/O Signals
overflow exception20.5.1 FP Exceptions
owner of a file14.9.4 File Owner

packet16.1 Socket Concepts
page boundary3.2.2.7 Allocating Aligned Memory Blocks
page fault3.1 Process Memory Concepts
page fault, copy-on-write3.4.2 Locked Memory Details
page frame3.1 Process Memory Concepts
page, memory22.4.1 Overview about traditional Unix memory handling
page, virtual memory3.1 Process Memory Concepts
paging3.1 Process Memory Concepts
paging3.4 Locking Pages
parameter promotion5.2 String and Array Conventions
parent directory11.2.2 File Name Resolution
parent process26. Processes
parent process26.2 Process Creation Concepts
parity checking17.4.4 Input Modes
parsing a template string12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
parsing numbers (in formatted input)20.11 Parsing of Numbers
parsing program arguments25.1.2 Parsing Program Arguments
parsing tokens from a string5.8 Finding Tokens in a String
passwd28.1 NSS Basics
password database29.13 User Database
PATH environment variable25.4.2 Standard Environment Variables
pause function24.8 Waiting for a Signal
peeking at input12.10 Unreading
pending signals24.1.3 How Signals Are Delivered
pending signals, checking for24.7.6 Checking for Pending Signals
period of time21.1 Time Basics
permission to access a file14.9.6 How Your Access to a File is Decided
persona29.2 The Persona of a Process
physical address22.4.1 Overview about traditional Unix memory handling
physical memory22.4.1 Overview about traditional Unix memory handling
pi (trigonometric constant)19.2 Trigonometric Functions
pipe15. Pipes and FIFOs
pipe signal24.2.6 Operation Error Signals
pipe to a subprocess15.2 Pipe to a Subprocess
port number16.6.3 Internet Ports
positioning a file descriptor13.3 Setting the File Position of a Descriptor
positioning a stream12.18 File Positioning
positive difference20.8.7 Miscellaneous FP arithmetic functions
POSIX1.2.2 POSIX (The Portable Operating System Interface)
POSIX capacity limits31.1 General Capacity Limits
POSIX optional features31.2 Overall System Options
POSIX.11.2.2 POSIX (The Portable Operating System Interface)
POSIX.21.2.2 POSIX (The Portable Operating System Interface)
power functions19.4 Exponentiation and Logarithms
precision (of floating point number)A.5.3.1 Floating Point Representation Concepts
precision (printf)12.12.2 Output Conversion Syntax
predicates on arrays5.5 String/Array Comparison
predicates on characters4.1 Classification of Characters
predicates on strings5.5 String/Array Comparison
preemptive scheduling22.3.1 Absolute Priority
primitives, interrupting24.5 Primitives Interrupted by Signals
printing character4.1 Classification of Characters
printing character4.3 Character class determination for wide characters
priority of a process22.3 Process CPU Priority And Scheduling
priority, absolute22.3.1 Absolute Priority
process25. The Basic Program/System Interface
process26. Processes
process completion26.6 Process Completion
process group functions27.7 Functions for Job Control
process group ID27.6.3 Launching Jobs
process group leader27.6.3 Launching Jobs
process groups27. Job Control
process ID26.2 Process Creation Concepts
process image26.2 Process Creation Concepts
process lifetime26.2 Process Creation Concepts
process priority22.3 Process CPU Priority And Scheduling
process signal mask24.7.3 Process Signal Mask
process termination25.6 Program Termination
processor time21.1 Time Basics
processor time21.3.2 Processor Time Inquiry
profiling alarm signal24.2.3 Alarm Signals
profiling timer21.5 Setting an Alarm
program25. The Basic Program/System Interface
program argument syntax25.1.1 Program Argument Syntax Conventions
program arguments25.1 Program Arguments
program arguments, parsing25.1.2 Parsing Program Arguments
program error signals24.2.1 Program Error Signals
program name2.3 Error Messages
program startup25.1 Program Arguments
program termination25.6 Program Termination
program termination signals24.2.2 Termination Signals
programming your own streams12.21.3 Programming Your Own Custom Streams
project complex numbers20.10 Projections, Conjugates, and Decomposing of Complex Numbers
protocol (of socket)16.1 Socket Concepts
protocol family16.1 Socket Concepts
protocols28.1 NSS Basics
protocols database16.6.6 Protocols Database
prototypes for variadic functionsA.2.2.1 Syntax for Variable Arguments
pseudo-random numbers19.8 Pseudo-Random Numbers
pseudo-terminals17.8 Pseudo-Terminals
punctuation character4.1 Classification of Characters
punctuation character4.3 Character class determination for wide characters
pushing input back12.10 Unreading

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