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Index Entry Section

tan19.2 Trigonometric Functions
tanf19.2 Trigonometric Functions
tanh19.5 Hyperbolic Functions
tanhf19.5 Hyperbolic Functions
tanhl19.5 Hyperbolic Functions
tanl19.2 Trigonometric Functions
tcdrain17.6 Line Control Functions
tcflow17.6 Line Control Functions
tcflush17.6 Line Control Functions
tcgetattr17.4.2 Terminal Mode Functions
tcgetpgrp27.7.3 Functions for Controlling Terminal Access
tcgetsid27.7.3 Functions for Controlling Terminal Access
tcsendbreak17.6 Line Control Functions
tcsetattr17.4.2 Terminal Mode Functions
tcsetpgrp27.7.3 Functions for Controlling Terminal Access
tdelete9.6 The tsearch function.
tdestroy9.6 The tsearch function.
TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY24.5 Primitives Interrupted by Signals
tempnam14.11 Temporary Files
textdomain8.2.1.2 How to determine which catalog to be used
tfind9.6 The tsearch function.
tgamma19.6 Special Functions
tgammaf19.6 Special Functions
tgammal19.6 Special Functions
time21.4.1 Simple Calendar Time
timegm21.4.3 Broken-down Time
timelocal21.4.3 Broken-down Time
times21.3.2 Processor Time Inquiry
tmpfile14.11 Temporary Files
tmpfile6414.11 Temporary Files
tmpnam14.11 Temporary Files
tmpnam_r14.11 Temporary Files
toascii4.2 Case Conversion
tolower4.2 Case Conversion
toupper4.2 Case Conversion
towctrans4.5 Mapping of wide characters.
towlower4.5 Mapping of wide characters.
towupper4.5 Mapping of wide characters.
trunc20.8.3 Rounding Functions
truncate14.9.10 File Size
truncate6414.9.10 File Size
truncf20.8.3 Rounding Functions
truncl20.8.3 Rounding Functions
tryagain28.2.2 Actions in the NSS configuration
tsearch9.6 The tsearch function.
ttyname17.1 Identifying Terminals
ttyname_r17.1 Identifying Terminals
twalk9.6 The tsearch function.
tzset21.4.8 Functions and Variables for Time Zones

ulimit22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
umask14.9.7 Assigning File Permissions
umount30.3.2 Mount, Unmount, Remount
umount230.3.2 Mount, Unmount, Remount
uname30.2 Platform Type Identification
unavail28.2.2 Actions in the NSS configuration
ungetc12.10.2 Using ungetc To Do Unreading
ungetwc12.10.2 Using ungetc To Do Unreading
unlink14.6 Deleting Files
unlockpt17.8.1 Allocating Pseudo-Terminals
unsetenv25.4.1 Environment Access
updwtmp29.12.1 Manipulating the User Accounting Database
utime14.9.9 File Times
utimes14.9.9 File Times
utmpname29.12.1 Manipulating the User Accounting Database
utmpxname29.12.2 XPG User Accounting Database Functions

va_alistA.2.3.1 Old-Style Variadic Functions
va_argA.2.2.5 Argument Access Macros
va_dclA.2.3.1 Old-Style Variadic Functions
va_endA.2.2.5 Argument Access Macros
va_startA.2.2.5 Argument Access Macros
va_startA.2.3.1 Old-Style Variadic Functions
valloc3.2.2.7 Allocating Aligned Memory Blocks
vasprintf12.12.9 Variable Arguments Output Functions
verr2.3 Error Messages
verrx2.3 Error Messages
versionsort14.2.6 Scanning the Content of a Directory
versionsort6414.2.6 Scanning the Content of a Directory
vfork26.4 Creating a Process
vfprintf12.12.9 Variable Arguments Output Functions
vfscanf12.14.9 Variable Arguments Input Functions
vfwprintf12.12.9 Variable Arguments Output Functions
vfwscanf12.14.9 Variable Arguments Input Functions
vlimit22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
vprintf12.12.9 Variable Arguments Output Functions
vscanf12.14.9 Variable Arguments Input Functions
vsnprintf12.12.9 Variable Arguments Output Functions
vsprintf12.12.9 Variable Arguments Output Functions
vsscanf12.14.9 Variable Arguments Input Functions
vswprintf12.12.9 Variable Arguments Output Functions
vswscanf12.14.9 Variable Arguments Input Functions
vsyslog18.2.2 syslog, vsyslog
vtimes22.1 Resource Usage
vwarn2.3 Error Messages
vwarnx2.3 Error Messages
vwprintf12.12.9 Variable Arguments Output Functions
vwscanf12.14.9 Variable Arguments Input Functions

wait26.6 Process Completion
wait326.8 BSD Process Wait Functions
wait426.6 Process Completion
waitpid26.6 Process Completion
warn2.3 Error Messages
warnx2.3 Error Messages
WCOREDUMP26.7 Process Completion Status
wcpcpy5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wcpncpy5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wcrtomb6.3.3 Converting Single Characters
wcscasecmp5.5 String/Array Comparison
wcscat5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wcschr5.7 Search Functions
wcschrnul5.7 Search Functions
wcscmp5.5 String/Array Comparison
wcscoll5.6 Collation Functions
wcscpy5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wcscspn5.7 Search Functions
wcsdup5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wcsftime21.4.5 Formatting Calendar Time
wcslen5.3 String Length
wcsncasecmp5.5 String/Array Comparison
wcsncat5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wcsncmp5.5 String/Array Comparison
wcsncpy5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wcsnlen5.3 String Length
wcsnrtombs6.3.4 Converting Multibyte and Wide Character Strings
wcspbrk5.7 Search Functions
wcsrchr5.7 Search Functions
wcsrtombs6.3.4 Converting Multibyte and Wide Character Strings
wcsspn5.7 Search Functions
wcsstr5.7 Search Functions
wcstod20.11.2 Parsing of Floats
wcstof20.11.2 Parsing of Floats
wcstoimax20.11.1 Parsing of Integers
wcstok5.8 Finding Tokens in a String
wcstol20.11.1 Parsing of Integers
wcstold20.11.2 Parsing of Floats
wcstoll20.11.1 Parsing of Integers
wcstombs6.4.2 Non-reentrant Conversion of Strings
wcstoq20.11.1 Parsing of Integers
wcstoul20.11.1 Parsing of Integers
wcstoull20.11.1 Parsing of Integers
wcstoumax20.11.1 Parsing of Integers
wcstouq20.11.1 Parsing of Integers
wcswcs5.7 Search Functions
wcsxfrm5.6 Collation Functions
wctob6.3.3 Converting Single Characters
wctomb6.4.1 Non-reentrant Conversion of Single Characters
wctrans4.5 Mapping of wide characters.
wctype4.3 Character class determination for wide characters
WEXITSTATUS26.7 Process Completion Status
WIFEXITED26.7 Process Completion Status
WIFSIGNALED26.7 Process Completion Status
WIFSTOPPED26.7 Process Completion Status
wmemchr5.7 Search Functions
wmemcmp5.5 String/Array Comparison
wmemcpy5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wmemmove5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wmempcpy5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wmemset5.4 Copying and Concatenation
wordexp10.4.2 Calling wordexp
wordfree10.4.2 Calling wordexp
wprintf12.12.7 Formatted Output Functions
write13.2 Input and Output Primitives
writev13.6 Fast Scatter-Gather I/O
wscanf12.14.8 Formatted Input Functions
WSTOPSIG26.7 Process Completion Status
WTERMSIG26.7 Process Completion Status

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