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Variable and Constant Macro Index: O -- R

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Index Entry Section

O_ACCMODE13.14.1 File Access Modes
O_APPEND13.14.3 I/O Operating Modes
O_ASYNC13.14.3 I/O Operating Modes
O_CREAT13.14.2 Open-time Flags
O_EXCL13.14.2 Open-time Flags
O_EXEC13.14.1 File Access Modes
O_EXLOCK13.14.2 Open-time Flags
O_FSYNC13.14.3 I/O Operating Modes
O_IGNORE_CTTY13.14.2 Open-time Flags
O_NDELAY13.14.3 I/O Operating Modes
O_NOATIME13.14.3 I/O Operating Modes
O_NOCTTY13.14.2 Open-time Flags
O_NOLINK13.14.2 Open-time Flags
O_NONBLOCK13.14.2 Open-time Flags
O_NONBLOCK13.14.3 I/O Operating Modes
O_NOTRANS13.14.2 Open-time Flags
O_RDONLY13.14.1 File Access Modes
O_RDWR13.14.1 File Access Modes
O_READ13.14.1 File Access Modes
O_SHLOCK13.14.2 Open-time Flags
O_SYNC13.14.3 I/O Operating Modes
O_TRUNC13.14.2 Open-time Flags
O_WRITE13.14.1 File Access Modes
O_WRONLY13.14.1 File Access Modes
obstack_alloc_failed_handler3.2.4.2 Preparing for Using Obstacks
OLD_TIME29.12.1 Manipulating the User Accounting Database
OLD_TIME29.12.2 XPG User Accounting Database Functions
ONLCR17.4.5 Output Modes
ONOEOT17.4.5 Output Modes
OPEN_MAX31.1 General Capacity Limits
OPOST17.4.5 Output Modes
optarg25.2.1 Using the getopt function
opterr25.2.1 Using the getopt function
optind25.2.1 Using the getopt function
OPTION_ALIAS25.3.4.1 Flags for Argp Options
OPTION_ARG_OPTIONAL25.3.4.1 Flags for Argp Options
OPTION_DOC25.3.4.1 Flags for Argp Options
OPTION_HIDDEN25.3.4.1 Flags for Argp Options
OPTION_NO_USAGE25.3.4.1 Flags for Argp Options
optopt25.2.1 Using the getopt function
OXTABS17.4.5 Output Modes

P_CS_PRECEDES7.6.2 Pinpoint Access to Locale Data
P_SEP_BY_SPACE7.6.2 Pinpoint Access to Locale Data
P_SIGN_POSN7.6.2 Pinpoint Access to Locale Data
P_tmpdir14.11 Temporary Files
PA_CHAR12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_DOUBLE12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_FLAG_LONG12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_FLAG_LONG_DOUBLE12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_FLAG_LONG_LONG12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_FLAG_MASK12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_FLAG_PTR12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_FLAG_SHORT12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_FLOAT12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_INT12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_LAST12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_POINTER12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PA_STRING12.12.10 Parsing a Template String
PARENB17.4.6 Control Modes
PARMRK17.4.4 Input Modes
PARODD17.4.6 Control Modes
passwd28.1 NSS Basics
PATH_MAX31.6 Limits on File System Capacity
PENDIN17.4.7 Local Modes
PF_CCITT16.7 Other Namespaces
PF_FILE16.5.2 Details of Local Namespace
PF_IMPLINK16.7 Other Namespaces
PF_INET16.6 The Internet Namespace
PF_INET616.6 The Internet Namespace
PF_ISO16.7 Other Namespaces
PF_LOCAL16.5.2 Details of Local Namespace
PF_NS16.7 Other Namespaces
PF_ROUTE16.7 Other Namespaces
PF_UNIX16.5.2 Details of Local Namespace
PI19.1 Predefined Mathematical Constants
PIPE_BUF31.6 Limits on File System Capacity
PM_STR7.6.2 Pinpoint Access to Locale Data
POSITIVE_SIGN7.6.2 Pinpoint Access to Locale Data
PRIO_MAX22.3.4.2 Functions For Traditional Scheduling
PRIO_MIN22.3.4.2 Functions For Traditional Scheduling
PRIO_PGRP22.3.4.2 Functions For Traditional Scheduling
PRIO_PROCESS22.3.4.2 Functions For Traditional Scheduling
PRIO_USER22.3.4.2 Functions For Traditional Scheduling
program_invocation_name2.3 Error Messages
program_invocation_short_name2.3 Error Messages
PROT_EXEC13.7 Memory-mapped I/O
PROT_READ13.7 Memory-mapped I/O
PROT_WRITE13.7 Memory-mapped I/O
protocols28.1 NSS Basics
PWD14.1 Working Directory

R_OK14.9.8 Testing Permission to Access a File
RADIXCHAR7.6.2 Pinpoint Access to Locale Data
RAND_MAX19.8.1 ISO C Random Number Functions
RE_DUP_MAX31.1 General Capacity Limits
RLIM_INFINITY22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
RLIM_NLIMITS22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
RLIMIT_AS22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
RLIMIT_CORE22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
RLIMIT_CPU22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
RLIMIT_DATA22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
RLIMIT_FSIZE22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
RLIMIT_NOFILE22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
RLIMIT_OFILE22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
RLIMIT_RSS22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
RLIMIT_STACK22.2 Limiting Resource Usage
rpc28.1 NSS Basics
RUN_LVL29.12.1 Manipulating the User Accounting Database
RUN_LVL29.12.2 XPG User Accounting Database Functions

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